Silence and Lessons

Silence. In this world that is always bustling, hustling, and moving, sometimes silence can be a great place of calm and in other instances silence can be an emptiness and a reminder that something in missing. The army that is the O’Brien family has come and gone. Life as we knew it from this point on will cease to exist. Why is it that when we want to start over, it never does and when we want it to remain the same it changes forever? The trouble is, once life has changed, where do you go? The path is new and fresh, less travelled than the last. It is cliché, but this new path is our chance to live a better life, a life in memory of the lessons that our loved ones have left us with in this world.

Everyday, even if your path has not been completely swept clean, take one step in the direction that you would like to lead your life. I have to remind myself that each day you have to go after your dreams (which is such a broad word) – but they can be the smallest steps, as insignificant as they may seem, the lifelong dreams don’t just happen, they are the ones that we work endlessly towards.

Try to approach today with a smile, with the belief that you can change a life – yours or maybe someone else’s. I went and got coffee through the drive-through and all the cashier did was smile, hand me my daily black coffee, and wish me a good day, but it was the sincerity in his voice and smile that caught my attention. The smallest things in the world make all the difference – it is hard to always remember that. Take a moment to smile, to extend a hand to someone because you never know the hardships that they face – you may be changing a life without even knowing.

“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”


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